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January 8, 2013

Everything Butt : Amber Rayne’s LIVE Anal Antics

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Amber Rayne has some free time today & wants to fill her ass with some of our huge toys! So… we set up the live camera & broadcast this unscripted self ass loving anal whore for all to watch as it was going down. Amber loves anal more than pussy play & she shows you just how big & deep she loves to go. Fists, dildos, glass, metal- nothing is off limits to this nasty girl….

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Amber Rayne is analy probed to find contraband

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Under the stark white lights of the institution…

Amber Rayne is institutionalized and possibly being a naughty girl. Aiden Starr is the head nurse & is defiantly being naughty when she needs to search Amber for contraband. First Aiden tries to beat information out of Amber by giving her a caning. When that does not giver her the info she requests, more drastic measures are called into play. Hooked from ass to nose, Aiden first searches Amber’s oral cavity & then moves things to the infirmary for some deeper probing. Stretched WIDE & flushed out, Aiden is then able to do a hands on anal cavity search on Amber’s tiny little asshole.

After coming to the conclusion that Amber was telling her the truth that she was not hiding anything, Aiden just takes advantage of her captive & gives her a good ass fucking.

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Anal Audition: Lacey Jane Wants to cum with water

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Lacey Jane is VERY eager to do porn. She loves anal sex & thought she would submit herself to a bondage enema. Well, I have to tell you, she took a lot of water up her ass and her orgasms were earth shattering. Watch as she retains the water as long as possible while her clit becomes over sensitive and her self control leaves her. This woman can handle it…..

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Everything Butt : Anal Workplace Workout

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Skylar is finally able to give into the anal cravings she has been having for Derrick. As fellow employees, there was an unwritten rule about workplace fornication. Thing is, Skylar is being transferred…. Tied down & spanked, spread wide & anally violated, bound tight & fucked un the ass…. Derrick give her a farewell present not to be forgotten!

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