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January 8, 2013

MILF porn legends Debi Diamond & Kylie Ireland first time ass fuck!

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What happens when you take porn legends Kylie Ireland and Debi Diamond and put them together for the first time on set? Well they fuck each other wild! Debi & Kylie have been friends for years but have never fucked on or off set. This is first for both… Kylie has wanted to capture & dominate Debi for a long time & here you will see her make Debi into a Honeycomb Honey, a hand puppet and a screaming anal whore…

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Everything Butt : Naughty Night Nurses Amber & Trina

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What happens when you have a comatose patient with a HUGE hardon? If you’re Nurse Keen & Nurse Michaels you stretch out your asshole & climb on board, of course!

Nurse Keen has been taking good care of patient Hammer for a while now & he has shown no signs of recovery. The night shift can be long & boring with nothing to do. A while back she found a way to keep her patient’s blood pumping and her own anal desires satisfied.

Enter Nurse Michaels on her first night on the job. She is only too happy to take Nurse Keen’s advice & take an enema before doing her rounds…

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Anal Audition: Skylar sweats through a hot soapy enema

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Skyler is a smoking hot blond who is willing to suffer through anything to get off… Watch as I fill her with hot soapy water and make her masturbate while holding it in, or trying to at least. Once the sweat starts flowing, all bets are off as she expels the entire load and breathes a sigh of relief.

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Everything Butt : Kylie gets triple banged

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Kylie & Mark are at it again. This time she submits to Mark for some deep fisting, huge spreaders & gets triple banged… This woman has an ass that is made to be filled & she will do anything to fill it!

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Anal Antics… Aiden Starr fucks her own ass with water

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That’s right! Aiden Starr gets down & dirty and cleans out & gets off just for you! Aiden as we all know LOVES to give enemas to beautiful asses but maybe you didn’t know she loves to give herself enemas as well. Watch as Aiden fills her ass over & over again as she gets herself off.

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Everything Butt : Hollie takes advantage of Mason’s ass & tongue

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Hollie as been eying Mason for a while & finally gets her chance to probe deep. Mason is slowly taken from spanking & service to full-on ass fucking with a little toy play thrown in for some variety.

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Anal Antics… Felony fucks herself crazy with enemas

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Felony loves anything to do with her asshole. Fingering it, fucking it, stretching it with plugs & now, even filling it with water!

Felony loved the enema play she did during her previous EB shoot and asked us to do a solo enema masturbation scene. How could we say no? This is one of the hottest Anal Antics shot to date. Watch as Felony uses 2 enema bags and a large nozzle to fuck her ass to orgasm & then fills herself again & plugs it up with a huge black butt plug!

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The inspection… Madison is anally probed, deeply

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Madison is traveling internationally and gets stopped by the authorities and accused of smuggling contraband. Once her suitcase is inspected & the guards find out that she is a sex performer and not an international drug trafficker they continue their probing till they are sure she does not have any contraband on or “in” her person. They end up probing deep with all means at their disposal, enemas, dicks & even fists are put to use…

This scene was suggested by EB member NotGuido

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Everything Butt : Amber Rayne’s LIVE Anal Antics

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Amber Rayne has some free time today & wants to fill her ass with some of our huge toys! So… we set up the live camera & broadcast this unscripted self ass loving anal whore for all to watch as it was going down. Amber loves anal more than pussy play & she shows you just how big & deep she loves to go. Fists, dildos, glass, metal- nothing is off limits to this nasty girl….

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Amber Rayne is analy probed to find contraband

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Under the stark white lights of the institution…

Amber Rayne is institutionalized and possibly being a naughty girl. Aiden Starr is the head nurse & is defiantly being naughty when she needs to search Amber for contraband. First Aiden tries to beat information out of Amber by giving her a caning. When that does not giver her the info she requests, more drastic measures are called into play. Hooked from ass to nose, Aiden first searches Amber’s oral cavity & then moves things to the infirmary for some deeper probing. Stretched WIDE & flushed out, Aiden is then able to do a hands on anal cavity search on Amber’s tiny little asshole.

After coming to the conclusion that Amber was telling her the truth that she was not hiding anything, Aiden just takes advantage of her captive & gives her a good ass fucking.

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